Currency trading risk disclaimer

Foreign exchange trading can be an extremely lucrative occupation, however the risks involved are equivalent to the potential for gains or losses.

The risk disclaimer is meant to inform the user of the potential financial risks of engaging in foreign exchange trading. The transaction of such financial instruments known as forex, and dealt on a valued basis known as 'spot' or 'forward' can contain a substantial degree of risk.

Trading foreign exchange may result in substantial loss of funds and/or complete loss of funds and therefore should only be undertaken with risk capital. The definition of risk capital is funds that are not necessary to the survival or well being of the user.

YOORforex recommends that a user considering trading foreign exchange products read through all the main topics contained in the YOORforex website so that he/she may obtain a clear and accurate understanding of the risks inherent to fx trading.

Trading on-line no matter how convenient or efficient does not necessarily reduce the risks associated with foreign exchange trading and
YOORforex does not accept any responsibility towards any customer, member or third party acting on such information contained on the web site as to the accuracy or delay of information such as quotations, news and charts YOORforex derived from quotations.

YOORforex does not accept responsibility for any losses or lost trading opportunities deriving from interruptions in online communications or generally technical problems rendering with FXprimus or any other broker.